How to buy more products that are "Made in India"

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We all Indians want India to grow economically and socially. One of the key ingredients to achieve the above will be to produce and make more in India. Our respected PM has also put emphasis on Make in India

The big change does not happen overnight and needs small changes and change in habit and mentality. Yes, it will take time to fly high and have everything built in India, but what we need now is that we bring a habit change in the buying pattern so that Citizens start buying more of Make in India. 

Consumers will be guided by preference to buy German cars, Japanese electronics, etc as the value proposition demands consumer to have a preference. However, this preference is more demonstrated by consumers when they buy high value items. We do not exhibit preferences when we buy low value items like kitchen cutlery, stationery, perishables, etc and many more. In such items, an Indian Citizen will prefer to buy Make in India items only, but the Indian citizen does not know if the item that he/she is buying is Made in India or not. 

Share of online sales  by online retailers (Amazon, Flipkart,  etc) to overall sales is growing as they provide ease and convenience of shopping. What we need is that Government of India directs the online retailers to provide an option on their website for choosing only Make in India products. This option will allow the Indian citizen the simple ease to buy Make in India products only and this will slowly change our habits. This habit will initially start with low key items and then progressively move on to medium and high value item. Yes, it will take time to fly high and have everything built in India, but what we need

I would humbly request our respected PM, Minister of Trade and Commerce and other Government Authorities to make this Change and move the country becoming towards becoming "Atma Nirbhar"

I would also request other Indian Citizens to join me in this request...