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Prime Minister Harper: Stop FIPA deal with China NOW and allow debate in House of Commons!

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Any day now, a controversial trade agreement between Canada and China could take effect, unless we Canadians speak out! The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) would allow expanded investment by communist China in our natural resource industry.
What is especially disturbing about this deal is that it would allow China to secretly sue governments in Canada (municipal, provincial or federal) in the event they deem that Chinese profits are being threatened - i.e.: if British Columbia tries to block the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline! To make matters worse, the deal would bind Canadians for up to 31 years.
Regrettably, Canada's government appears unwilling to consult with the Canadian public or provincial governments. They have also instructed their MPs to tow the party line and support the deal, even if they privately have reservations about it. The Harper government also is refusing to debate FIPA in the House of Commons.
Canada, let's TAKE ACTION and stop this risky deal and tell Canada's government to consult with the provinces and allow debate in the House of Commons on any trade deal with China. It's only due to public outcry that the Government hasn't yet ratified this deal.  Please sign and share this petition, to voice your opposition to FIPA!
Let's not forsake Canada's rights and freedoms for short-term economic gain!

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