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Prime Minister Enda Kenny: Legalize Abortion in Ireland

While living in Ireland, Savita Halappanavar miscarried, and was denied an abortion to complete the miscarriage. Due to a faint fetal heartbeat, Savita was sent home to wait until her fetus slowly died. Overcome with sepsis, Savita lost her life. Irish doctors barbarically ignored a dying woman, while embracing anti-abortion ideology. The International Community calls upon Ireland to legalize abortion, to save women's lives.

Letter to
An Taoiseach An Taoiseach Enda Kenny
Ending pregnancy is a fact of life.

Savita Halappanavar miscarried. She went to hospital in desperate need of medical treatment and was met with an absence of reason, an absence of professional care, and medical indifference.

There is no logic in sending a woman to die as the baby she is carrying is doing the same. Abortion saves lives. Savita is proof.

At minimum, 4000 Irish women travel to England annually to have abortions. Women and men have relied upon abortions for thousands of years. It is cruel and barbaric to block safe, legal access to women who need abortions.

The International Community calls upon you to legalize abortion. All women have God-given bodily autonomy. Blocking this ability to make decisions, treating their lives as unworthy of saving, is unacceptable. We call upon you to honor the lives of women, of mothers, of wives and legalize abortion.

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