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Don't cut down India's forests for coal


We must stop the Government from cutting down giant areas of forest in Central India to get the coal that lies beneath. We need to convince our PM to act. 

If thousands of people ask him to save the forests, when he’s discussing conservation with the entire world, he will feel pressure to make a commitment.

About 35% of the 1700 wild tigers are in Central India. Almost half of the forest dependent communities in India depend on the forests here. Cutting down forests and burning coal will release large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. This will heat up the atmosphere and threaten all life on Earth.

If that isn’t enough, a coal scam larger than the 2G scam is coming to light. A report by the CAG says that the Coal Ministry, then headed by the Prime Minister, allocated coal blocks at a throw-away price costing the taxpayer Rs 1.86 lakh crores (an earlier leak of the report put the figure even higher at Rs. 10.67 lakh crores (212 billion US dollars)).

Ask the PM to stop all new coal allocations and forest clearances until
this scam has been investigated and there is a clear demarcation of areas that shouldn’t be mined.

Letter to
Prime Minister
I want you to stop allocating new coal blocks and clearing more forests for coal mining until this scam is investigated and there is a clear demarcation of areas where mining shouldn’t be allowed.