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As you all know, in Canada, power outages are of common occurrences. It happened in 2013 during Christmas in December and again during the snow storm in January, 2016. As a matter of fact, a great majority of power outages are caused by fallen trees or ice pellets on overhead distribution lines. Thus I believe that the time has come for Canada to bury its overhead power lines.

Canada currently uses overhead powerlines. They are suspended by utility poles to distribute electricity across the country. On the other hand, an alternate way to transport electricity is by underground powerlines, which are powerlines buried underground to provide energy.

When electricity systems were first developed, the technology didn’t exist to put them underground, so lines were strung along poles. Nowadays, our advanced technology completely allows for electricity and other services to be run underground, but even until today Canada still maintains the overhead powerline system due to concerns of the high cost of installation.

However, what Canada did not take into consideration is the dangers of keeping the overhead powerline system. First of all, overhead powerlines are subjected to damage from severe weather conditions such as lightening or freezing rain. Not only are overhead powerlines hazardous in situations like this ice storm, they also create an increased risk of fire, because they can draw high fault currents from weather. Lastly, powerlines threaten the environment and wildlife because they pose hazard to low flying aircraft or to wildlife. With regard to so many dangers, it is safe to say that converting overhead powerlines into underground powerlines is essential for citizens and the environment.

However, before a change in the powerline system is made, stakeholders must first be identified. In this case, the municipal hydro-companies are involved. Hydro-companies, such as TorontoHydro, owns and operates the electricity distribution system for their cities. Other stakeholders include the municipal government, for the hydro-companies work closely with the municipal government to ensure they deliver the electricity that Toronto needs.

If this plan was implemented, it would make a significant impact on the Canadian electricity distribution system. Citizens would receive great comfort with this change, for the chances of power outages would largely decrease.