Expand the Jamaica Fire Brigade's Ambulance Service to St. Elizabeth

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The response mechanisms that are in place to respond to road traffic accidents, life threatening trauma, unconscious persons, severe bleeding and obstetric emergencies are inadequate in St. Elizabeth. A number of serious accidents have been taking place in the parish in recent months and on many occasions its the citizens who try to assist the injured by removing them from the mangled wreckage of vehicles. Some persons have become unresponsive and have died as they were not given the requisite attention in a timely manner. These actions lead to further injury and incapacity as citizens are not trained Emergency Medical Technicians. 

Several historical sites and attractions are present in the parish and tourists visit these daily. If there should be a serious accident, the parish is going to be caught flat-footed as the Black River Hospital ambulances are already strained. If there was a team of trained responsive Emergency Medical Technicians in St. Elizabeth, this would boost the parish's response capacity.

There is an arm of the Jamaica Fire Brigade - the Emergency Medical Service that would assist in alleviating the problem that our parish faces at this time. We are humbly asking that this service be expanded to the Bread Basket parish as a few years when the Santa Cruz Fire Station was expanded, it was said that a space was created to house an ambulance and the additional members of the Jamaica Fire Brigade who would take up duties as Emergency Medical Technicians.

Let us be proactive and take the necessary actions to ensure that victims are retrieved, cared for and delivered to an appropriate medical facility in the shortest possible and under the best possible conditions.