PM Narendra Modi: Release the undeclared Economic Blockade to Nepal

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Dear PM Modi,

“सर्वे भवन्तु सुखीन, सर्वे सन्तु निरामय, सर्वे भद्राणी पश्यन्तुमा कस्चिद दु:ख भागजन” ! 

We are shocked about your recent words and actions followed by the promulgation of Nepal new constitution that has cost us thousands of lives and billions of dollars. You had visited Nepal and given us some sweet words and bribed us with a promise of giving a Thousand crore? What is your intention? Are you a true friend? Your recent attitude doesn’t prove that you are an honest friend or a neighbor. You must be quite aware that Nepal and India have has relationship since thousands of years and our friendship has been of a good example. You must have been aware that this constitution was signed by 91% of the CA members, one of the largest majority of all time in the political history of the world. We would like to ask you this polite question, “What is the definition of your democracy? Isn’t it the rule of majority? What percent of majority do you have? Why can’t you share power with your oppositions in your own country?

You sent your foreign secretary Jaya Shankar Prasad to Nepal after all have signed the constitution and when we were about to declare it. What right did your foreign secretary have to verbally abuse and humiliate our respected leaders and direct us what to do? Did you want to show the world that Nepal is nothing but your puppet? We would strongly recommend you to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We would especially urge you to read the articles of International law. “The Friendly Relations Declaration [UNGA res. 2625(XXV) 1970] includes a whole section on 'The principle concerning the duty not to intervene in matters within the domestic jurisdiction of any State, in accordance with the Charter.” Why didn’t you respect this law?

Dear Mr. Modi, Nepali people celebrated when you became Prime Minister of India, Nepali people celebrate when India wins cricket matches and it is evidence we are true friends and honest. But you have hurt our feelings and confidence of so called friendship by interfering with our internal affairs amidst the time of celebration. Please stop setting the home of your neighbor on fire. The neighborhood fire may catch your home as well as a natural law. Why do you have headache when we talk and visit other neighbors and friends? Don’t we have our rights? Our birth rights? Our human rights?

We urge you to value our friendship who are shedding blood for your protection. We urge you to be a bit kinder to a shattered nation that has met decade of insurgency and that recently shook the whole nation due to devastating earthquake. We urge you to be kind to millions of children deprived of nutrition and medicines and millions of people living in misery due to these undeclared economic blockade to Nepal.

We urge you not to define a bunch of Madheshi brothers and unnecessarily instigating them against our geographical oneness and sovereignty, just because they may reassemble your face. If they are Nepali with Indian origin, don’t forget the overwhelming majority of Nepali population are Aryans. Do you think the Aryans migrated from China or Magnolia? Please research and find out the Aryans in Nepal could be of Indian origin. We share same culture and our languages and life styles are similar. We are hurt when Mumbai is blasted. We value and help you because of love and friendship. Don’t force us to do the things as you say. No one is obliged to carry on orders of their neighbors just because they are stronger. We have a right to say “NO” to neighborhood bully.

We are extremely sad that you have created a crisis of TRUST. Please don’t forget that we, the Nepalese may die but won’t be defeated. It is not a good idea to propagate hatred in the friendship of thousands of years. It won’t be easy Mr. Prime Minister! It may be counterproductive not only for us but also for you too. Nepal will find its way, find its true friends. The whole world is with us.

We claim that our constitution is one of the best documents in the world and has room for amendments. The government and important parties have already called for dialogue. It’s still not too late to put ointment of relief in our damaging friendship.  Hence we urge you to play a positive and creative role to establish peace and stability in Nepal and your states bordering our country. Please make sure that all the essential supplies reaches Nepal without further delays. We hope that you will consider our petition not as a threat but a friendly reminder that we still need your help. Thank you.


Jaya Nepal Unity Group

Nepalese and Friends of Nepal  


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