Make Primark pay the living wage

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We the employees of Primark, believe that the living wage should be paid for the labour we provide.

The current London Living Wage is £10.55 and £9.00 for the rest of the country. But the wage store assistants receive at the Primark Marble Arch store is £8.09 per hour. That’s £2.46 less every hour, than than the suggested amount. The London Living Wage is a fair wage that enables people to not just survive but live. Primark has a responsibility to its over 70,000 employees, to provide a wage that enables people to live, not just survive.

Primark currently holds the second largest market share of clothing retail in the UK. Within the last year profits rose 15% from £735 million to £843 million.

We believe Primark should be a leader in wages just as it is a leader in retail market share. Employees’ wages should reflect the success of the company. If companies such as IKEA and LUSH can provide a living wage there is no reason for Primark not to.

Primark does increase wages every April: in 2018 they increased the pay by 18 pence per hour. Meaning Primark’s hourly wage increased by 2.2% compared to Primark profits which increased by 15%. This does not reflect the value of labour we provide.

A year ago a petition was handed in internally at the Marble Arch store. There has been no official response to this so we feel it is time to make a public petition.

We know there are workers at Primark working full-time, struggling to make ends meet for their families, even with support from the government. Primark rely on the government to subsidise their workforce in effect. A pay rise to the living wage would show that Primark can lead the way in being a responsible employer, recognising the true value of its workforce.

When one brand changes its business, others see and follow suit. A company as big and influential as Primark switching to paying the Living Wage would have an effect on other companies around it. So please consider signing this petition. If you;

• work for any branch of Primark,
• work for a different brand, have ever worked in retail or know anyone who does
• shop at Primark
• care about working rights

..then please sign this petition.

It is time workers got the pay they deserve for the labour that they do.

I’ve written this petition under a pseudonym to protect myself at work.