Make Primark pay the living wage

Make Primark pay the living wage

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Jake Willis started this petition to Primark and

We the employees of Primark, believe that the living wage should be paid for the labour we provide.

The current London Living Wage is £10.55 and £9.00 for the rest of the country. But the wage store assistants receive at the Primark Marble Arch store is £8.09 per hour. That’s £2.46 less every hour, than than the suggested amount. The London Living Wage is a fair wage that enables people to not just survive but live. Primark has a responsibility to its over 70,000 employees, to provide a wage that enables people to live, not just survive.

Primark currently holds the second largest market share of clothing retail in the UK. Within the last year profits rose 15% from £735 million to £843 million.

We believe Primark should be a leader in wages just as it is a leader in retail market share. Employees’ wages should reflect the success of the company. If companies such as IKEA and LUSH can provide a living wage there is no reason for Primark not to.

Primark does increase wages every April: in 2018 they increased the pay by 18 pence per hour. Meaning Primark’s hourly wage increased by 2.2% compared to Primark profits which increased by 15%. This does not reflect the value of labour we provide.

A year ago a petition was handed in internally at the Marble Arch store. There has been no official response to this so we feel it is time to make a public petition.

We know there are workers at Primark working full-time, struggling to make ends meet for their families, even with support from the government. Primark rely on the government to subsidise their workforce in effect. A pay rise to the living wage would show that Primark can lead the way in being a responsible employer, recognising the true value of its workforce.

When one brand changes its business, others see and follow suit. A company as big and influential as Primark switching to paying the Living Wage would have an effect on other companies around it. So please consider signing this petition. If you;

• work for any branch of Primark,
• work for a different brand, have ever worked in retail or know anyone who does
• shop at Primark
• care about working rights

..then please sign this petition.

It is time workers got the pay they deserve for the labour that they do.

I’ve written this petition under a pseudonym to protect myself at work.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!