Priddy Parish Council - Ban The Mendip Farmers Hunt From Meeting On Priddy Green

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The Mendip Farmers Hunt are a law-breaking fox hunt who use violence and intimidation against anyone who opposes them. 

Twice per year Priddy Parish Council allow them to use the public area of Priddy Green on which to meet; for their opening meet in November and their Boxing Day meet. For the last year or so locals have been holding peaceful protests on the green to show their opposition to the hunt and their illegal killing of foxes. Each protest has been met with violence and intimidation from the hunt and their supporters. 

Boxing Day 2019 innocent bystanders and peaceful protesters were sprayed with an unidentified liquid, were pushed around, threatened and children were filmed, all in an intimidating manner and all by supporters of the hunt. 

Despite this behaviour and past unacceptable behaviour by the hunt (hounds fouling on the green, unlicenced money collections, quads driving on the green), Priddy Parish Council refuse to ban the hunt from meeting on the land and are now planning on holding a meeting to discuss how to continue to allow the hunt to meet there. Could this be because at least three of the Priddy Parish Councillors are well known hunt supporters?

Please sign and share our petition to Priddy Parish Council to tell them to put aside their bias and ban the hunt from Priddy Green for good.