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Removal of Priceline's Distasteful Adoption Ad

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As the mother of two Eastern European adopted sons, I’d like to ask Priceline to pull this distasteful commercial from their rotation, but I know I am just one voice. My quiet voice won’t change their strategies. My children’s stories won’t change their minds.


Maybe if we shout together against Priceline though, those who have been affected by misrepresented paperwork will feel our support as they continue to mourn children they have left behind.

Maybe if we shout together against Priceline, the orphan crisis will return to the forefront of our society’s concerns for a brief moment.

Maybe if we shout together against Priceline, one more family will choose to take the considerable leap into the process of adopting a child. And maybe that family will be able to adopt him despite what his paperwork says.

Maybe if we shout together against Priceline, one more child will gain a family.


Want to join me and shout together against Priceline? Let’s let the company know that we take the orphan crisis seriously. Let's ask Priceline to remove their distasteful ad.

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