Prevent Wainhomes from using Southview Park as Access to new Development for 91 Homes!

Prevent Wainhomes from using Southview Park as Access to new Development for 91 Homes!

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Why this petition matters

Residents of Southview Park have been subjected to an unfinished development for over 6 years following completion of the last house built by the Developer Wainhomes.  Wainhomes have been allowed to stop and start works, dragging out completion as we can only assume they have been buying time for their application process and appeal.  As the development finally nears completion they are still trying to push through two applications very similar to each other to build another 91 or more houses.  16/00547/ful was rejected by the Strategic Planning Committee of Wiltshire Council in October 2021 but at the last minute of the 6 month appeal, Wainhomes have submitted an appeal.

Wiltshire Council refused the Planning application in October 2021 at a Strategic Planning Committee, as they agreed with the residents that live on Southview Park:

1.  The application was premature as the site forms part of the Ashton Park Urban Extension. 

2.  Construction over several years via Southview Park would have a detrimental impact on the roads, neighbourhood and the additional traffic would be detrimental to the amenities of the residents and highway safety.  

3.  Many other reasons including breaches of various policies

Let us be clear, Southview Park residents are not against the building of the houses but what we strongly object to is the access for the new development being via Southview Park which was not built for Construction traffic, buses or road traffic for another 91+ cars.  

Wainhomes have been told they must use the access from West Ashton (The Main Road) however they are trying to take a shortcut to avoid paying any money to Persimmon who own the access from the Main Road and don’t mind putting the current residents and community’s health and safety at risk let alone potential risk to pets and cars. The HGV’s and noise from daily construction traffic would be detrimental to the residents that already live on the estate.

Persimmon are to build thousands of more houses behind the land that Wainhomes want to build on.  If the access is granted, thousands of cars will use Southview Park as a cut through to the Town Centre forever more, turning a quiet residential cul de sac into a dangerous and noisy rat run.

We cannot and should not have to live in a building site for any longer and we were not told about this application when we bought our homes or that Wainhomes would try and use the estate as access to their new site. We have been misled and lied to and there is no consideration or respect from Wainhomes.


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@Wainhomes - Let us live in peace. You have subjected us to stress, noise and disruption since purchasing our homes several years ago. You have not completed our estate and now you want us to live on a building site for many years more. We refuse. You should be ashamed of the way you conduct yourselves and your business.  If you are responsible for the Drones that continue to spy on us and our homes, please stop.  We have evidence of the Drone Pilot claiming that he was working on behalf of the Council.

835 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!