Prevent the Vaquita porpoise from impending Extinction

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Vaquitas are the World's most endangered mammal and listed critically endangered by the IUCN.  

Officially there are 30 or less Vaquitas around in the wild. As of May 2018, groups advocating for the Vaquitas survival, have estimated the population to be at 12 or less individuals left. The population will be continue to dwindle, if nothing is done to help these spectacular creatures.

The reason why their population has drastically gone down in recent years because of illegal gillnett fishing, which has decimated the Vaquita population. Nearly one out of five Vaquita get trapped in gillnets, therefore leading them to drown once entangled. These gillnets are intended to capture another critically endangered fish, known as Totoaba. 

Capturing Totoaba is illegal but high demand for the Totoaba's swim bladder, causes even more gillnets to be used. The Totoaba's swim bladder is purposed for traditional medicine in China and one swim bladder is worth thousands of dollars.

What can be done to save this species is banning all gillnets throughout the Vaquita's habitat range and stopping the illegal trade of Totoaba. Also capturing some remaining Vaquitas for their survival and to breed them.

This is your moment, be apart of something greater than yourself. Let's show future generations on how we saved this majestic species from almost going extinct. Ask yourself, don't I want to be remembered as one of many people that helped saved a one of a kind marine mammal. Let's make history

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