Prevent Further Overdoses at Lethbridge Correctional Centre

Prevent Further Overdoses at Lethbridge Correctional Centre

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We have created this call to action as a result of the untimely deaths of Ryan Merton Quiroga (28) along with two other inmates, while they were in the care and custody of Lethbridge Correctional Centre.

Our family can speak only about Ryan Quiroga, who was a father of two children; a daughter, Sariah (4) and a son, Benjamin (9). Ryan was also a son, a brother, a nephew, an uncle, and a friend to many. Our family had hoped that jail was an answer to his struggle with addiction and sobriety. We were all optimistic that it would give him a chance to turn his life around and become the person we all knew he could be, when his time had been served. We had no idea that his incarceration would instead lead to his death. This system failed not only Ryan, but it failed his son and his daughter, his brothers and sisters, his extended family and every one of his friends in this community.

This tragedy COULD and SHOULD have been prevented. 

The worst part is, it isn’t the only senseless death at our Correctional Centre. We have come to learn that this was the third  “suspected overdose” at LCC This year. This is unfathomable and beyond unacceptable. We will not stand by and grieve in silence. 

We demand answers from our Government, Lethbridge Correction Center and from Alberta Justice.
We demand a public inquiry of these deaths.

What happened to Ryan and the other two inmates and why? What are the protocols for dealing with inmates who struggle with mental health and addiction? Why is there an admitted lack of training for the frontline staff who handle these kinds of events in our jail? How are they working a harm reduction plan? What needs to change in our system to ensure that Our Correction Centres do a better job of helping inmates to turn their lives around? How are drugs getting into these centers in the first place, and what is the government going to do to stop it? 

Please join us and spread the word along with signing this petition. We as a community must hold Alberta Justice accountable. And accountability in this situation means making a change. 

 For More information on our family’s sudden loss as well as the two other deaths at LCC click the following links: