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Prevent Cruel Coyote Trapping in the City of Carson, California


Please tell the City of Carson, California not to use limited taxpayer dollars to fund the needless and indiscriminate killing of coyotes with cruel traps!

Join Project Coyote and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) in urging a proactive public outreach plan to reduce conflicts and promote humane and long-term effective solutions. Killing coyotes doesn’t increase public/pet safety – educated coexistence does!

The City is currently considering contracting with a private or government trapper to kill coyotes within the city. A contract has not yet been signed. Residents need to know that their tax-dollars could be used for this ineffective and inhumane purpose.

YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED! Please sign this petition and submit comments to the City Council via the City Clerk by email-

TALKING POINTS (please be respectful and personalize your message):

* Indiscriminate trapping of coyotes is not an effective or humane solution to reduce real or perceived conflicts between people, coyotes, and domestic animals. Coyotes are here to stay. We must learn to coexist. Education is the key.

*There are many effective non-lethal methods for reducing negative encounters between people, coyotes, and domestic animals. More info. here.

*Animal companions can be the victims of cruel traps. Traps are baited and will attract, and possibly kill, any animal, including a beloved pet.

*There have been no injuries caused by coyotes in the area. Lethal force is unnecessary- and ultimately ineffective, as coyotes will soon refill vacant niches.

*Coyotes play an important role in keeping rodent populations in check and ecosystems clean of carrion. Coyotes also help to limit mesocarnivores (e.g. foxes, skunks) thereby helping boost bird population and diversity.

*We're here to help. Encourage the City of Carson to work with Project Coyote and the Animal Welfare Institute in adopting and implementing an ecologically and ethically sound long-term coyote coexistence plan that emphasizes public education, reducing coyote/wildlife attractants, and hazing of habituated coyotes.

Remember to include your name, address, and email when submitting public comments so that your comments will be counted in the official record!

Thank you for writing on behalf of America’s Native Song Dog!


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