Prevent Advenir from building in Carmel

Prevent Advenir from building in Carmel

September 12, 2022
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Carmel City Council Representative- North East District Sue Finkam and
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Why this petition matters

Started by William Tankovich

This is a petition to prevent Advenir Oakley Development LLC from developing roughly 350 new rental units in Carmel. 

Potential Concerns:

There appears to be a lack due diligence and data supplied to our neighborhood in this process leaving many of us with unanswered questions and concerns.

It seems that data used/shared with us so far in this process is outdated and/or not relevant (e.g., 10+ year old traffic study, no school impact study, no crime impact study, no tax impact study). 

The main data point shared were demographics of the tenants in existing properties with an implication that those would correlate to here.  There are more variables then this that should be considered when assessing the impact to our neighborhood. 

This proposed change will prevent the original development plans from taking place.  Under the current zoning, developers can build to bring small businesses like restaurants, shopping, office space, and walkable conveniences in addition to limited residential housing (e.g., senior living facilities and some rentals).  If these changes are approved for Advenir, all of that will be removed and replaced with roughly 350 residential rental units removing the theme, design, and plans that were originally created for our neighborhood.

Based on the builder/investor/owner website, it states their property holdings on average are held for 4.5 years and their website case studies showcase exiting their investments within roughly 6 years.  

The question that cannot be answered now is, who will it be sold to in the future and will they manage the property adequately to protect our neighborhood?

There are no contracts to limit whom this company sells to or if the future owners will take care of this property. 

There are lots of studies advocating for positive and negative impacts to communities from rental properties.  Links to that information will continue to show up in our updates and I encourage anyone to share in comments personal experience, research, and their beliefs on why we should or should not allow rental units to be built in our neighborhood. 

I encourage everyone to research the topic and come to their own conclusion.  If you believe these rentals units have the potential to do more harm than good to our community, schools, and properties please consider signing this petition and reaching out to our City Council Representative.

Sue Finkam, City Council Representative, email:

From this petition, we are asking, as voters, for our council members to reject this request to build these rental units here.

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Signatures: 460Next Goal: 500
Support now