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Many of us are scared about the heightened tension in the conflict on the Korean peninsula. A way to deal with that fear is to act. We invite you to join us in calling on the heads of states of nations that took part in the Six-Party Talks - the USA, North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia and Japan - to return to the negotiating table and prevent a nuclear catastrophe. Help us to get as many signatures as we can to show how much we care about this issue!




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Letter to
Heads of states of nations that took part in the Six-Party Talks
Prevent a nuclear catastrophe: Back to the negotiating table!
Call to all sides to refrain from any further provocative acts

The crisis on the Korean peninsula is causing people all over the world to fear for the safety of those living in the region. If the DPRK (North Korea) decides to carry out its threat of a nuclear attack, or if US and South Korean displays of military force escalate the situation and result in nuclear weapons being used, the consequences would be catastrophic for both humans and the environment. After hearing evidence from international experts, a major Conference among 127 governments in Oslo in March 2013 concluded that if even one nuclear weapon were detonated on a city, the consequences could not be adequately dealt with by emergency services and would lead to immense suffering. For this reason, nuclear weapons need to be banned for everyone.

The present crisis needs immediate action to de-escalate the tension in the region. The military exercise that has been taking place in South Korea should be stopped and no tests of missiles or nuclear tests should take place in any of the countries involved in this conflict. We therefore call on the six nations that have been party to talks in the past to return to the negotiating table forthwith and discuss terms for a peace treaty. It is paramount that the safety of the people be put first. The risk of nuclear war in this crisis shows us that nuclear weapons are not useful for deterrence but create additional dangers. The continued production and deployment of nuclear weapons have led to this crisis. A global treaty banning nuclear weapons would make us all safer.

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