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Pretty Pitties: Stop discrimination against Pit Bulls

American Pit Bull Terriers and other Pit Bull breeds are being discriminated against simply by being a part of the "bully" breeds. What's happening? They are being taken into shelters or simply being euthanized just for being a Pit Bull. Some dogs that do not even have any American Pit Bull Terrier in them are being euthanized just because they look like one. People today automatically assume that when they see a Pit Bull on the street that it is a dangerous dog and that it could potentially be a danger to the public. This is wrong. These dogs are amazing breeds and can be extremely loving, but so many people do not know or understand how great Pit Bulls can truly be just because of there reputation as a bad dog.

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  • States or cities that are putting a pan on Pit Bulls
    Pit Bull Discrimination

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