Preston's Promise - Including Cannabis in first line treatment options

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My name is Shelagh.  My family consisted of my partner myself and four children, until may 3rd this year when my 2 1/2 year old son passed away. His name is Preston James and he suffered from a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. This form of epilepsy is considered so severe because it includes all seizure types and status epileptis (prolonged seizures for days weeks or months), it is medication Resistant and the brain is always running on high (constant high brain activity).

My son was noted to have high brain activity in May of 2015 and we were told he was at high risk for seizures. When we inquired about medical cannabis we were told no and that is was not an option at that point in time. Fast forward to October 2015.  Preston had his first seizure and we had appointments to start him on an epilepsy diet to help control them but didn't make it that far. November 21 we were transported to sick kids hospital for a seizure that would not stop. He was put in the CCU with a breathing  tube and practically into a coma to try and stop the seizure that end up lasting 40 hours. After recovering a week and a half later he had another prolonged seizure and was sent back to the CCU and put back into a coma. This seizure lasted 36 hours but he was kept in a coma for almost 3 weeks on heavy medication. through this whole experience my partner and myself were fighting to get medical cannabis  for his seizure treatment, even more so because all the medications they were using were not working. No doctor would even consider even writing a referral.  At this point is when the doctors realized that no matter how much medication they gave him it was not going to slow his brain activity down and diagnosed him with Lennex-Gastaut Syndrom, took him out of a coma and found out that he was now brain damaged. could no longer walk, talk, or eat. On January 6th we finally went home after being in the hospital for months. and now a full time nurses for our boy who was tube fed and unable to move or talk. After exhausting all forms of treatment we were finally able to get a referral to the medical cannabis clinic and started Preston on cannabis oil. The first day using it and Prestons Seizures stopped! Preston went seizure free for almost 3 months! this was the relief he needed, he started moving a bit and vocalizing. His brain was finally at rest! Until April 8th, Preston had a 20 hour seizure and we went trough it all again. This time finding out Prestons heart was also damaged and he was in heart failure. Preston fought 3 long weeks in the hospital (still seizure free on his oil) but on may 3rd we brought Preston home to pass peacefully with his family.

I apologize for the lengthiness of this message but I want you to have a small understanding of how important this message is.

Now this being told I would like to propose a bill that would make it mandatory that health care professionals include medical cannabis as first line treatment and or make it a treatment option in cases where cannabis fits as a recognize form of treatment for the diagnosis (including children under 18 years of age) and or make a referral to the appropriate cannabis doctor.

-make it an option 

-make it part of first line treatment options 

-make it mandatory to refer to a cannabis doctor upon request of the patient.

-including persons under the age of 18

 This is a very sensitive issue but living in a country of democracywe are not being given the rights we deserve when it comes to this touchy subject.

Medical cannabis stopped what no doctor of pill could, my sons seizures. Had Preston been given the opportunity to try cannabis oil when it was requested he would not have endured all pain and damage done to his little body and may very well still be with us, and I feel it is my responsibility to speak the words that were taken from him. 

There is a huge problem going on and someone needs so speak up and fix it!

There are children the sick kids right now as I type having pieces of their brain removed to stop seizures and still having seizures without ever being given the option of cannabis oil and it is horrifying to know.

I hope will sign this and help stop the madness. Lets let people choose the treatment that works for them. please help Preston help others. His passing can not be in vain. 

Thank you so much.