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Pressure UO to condemn and carry out deep disciplinary action against those who participated in snow-fighting frenzy

It is one thing to horse around and have a fun day out on a first snow day. But it's a different thing where a group of people act disrespectfully towards others including Professors. Participants threw snowballs at the vehicles, trapped cars by standing in-front of them (provoking drivers to act aggressively, endangered themselves and others), and dumping snow on the windshield blocking the view of the drivers. 

This poor, distasteful way of having fun needs to be made example of. UO needs to take a stand and act accordingly where the perpetrators and instigators would be able to take away a valuable lesson from.


Otherwise, if goes unpunished, It teaches our youth that disrespect is fun - and I as a citizen of Earth do not agree with this kind of fun at expense of others.

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