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SFA to recognise all trophies Moravcik67 won while managing Celtic in Football Manager

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Recently, deluded supporters of Scotland's newest club - Uncle Albert FC - launched a hilarious petition in regards to the league titles and cups that the team they used to support won during World War 2. This, despite the tournaments in question being unofficial - and the footballing equivalent of a kickabout between two groups of weans playing a ten-twentyoner with a flyaway baw and jumpers for goalposts.

Nevertheless, supporters of a club that destroyed itself in the vain pursuit of matching Celtic's glorious European triumph in 1967, and which hasn't kicked a ball since going into liquidation in 2012, have raised a petition to claim trophies that no one remembers, from a tournament no one recognises, for a club that isn't the same as the one that won the tournaments.

With this in mind, and as the rules have obviously now been relaxed to the point that anyone can claim any old nonsense for their club, I've launched this petition in order to put pressure on the SFA to recognise all the trophies won by myself since 1992, while managing Celtic in the computer games Championship Manager and Football Manager.

Over the last 25 years I, Moravcik67, have been tearing it up in spectacular fashion across multiple versions of the legendary football sim. Highlights include taking Halifax Town to the European Cup (including coming from 4-0 down to beat Galatasary in the semi-final, in the finest footballing night The Shay has ever seen), leading Barcelona to 5 consecutive La Liga and Champions League doubles, having Robbie Keans score 128 goals in a single season in that version where you could have a player mark the opposition goalie and not have them called offside all the time, and perhaps my greatest achievement - finding someone to buy Chris Killen.

But it is my exploits with Celtic - the Glasgow team that has an unbroken history going back to 1888 - that I want recognised by the footballing authorities. Since 1992 I've accrued the following honors with the club;

76 Scottish League Titles, 82 Scottish Cups, 68 League Cups, 17 European Cup and Champions Leagues titles, 12 UEFA Cup and Europa League titles, 3 Tennants Sixes, and 1 beat the pundit quiz on Radio Clyde. Unfortunately, I have neither won the Petrofac Cup, nor lost a ball in the hedge at Brechin.

I ask that the SFA to recognise these achievements, and add them to the list of honors for Scotland's champions.

I hope you will sign my petition and support me in this honorable deed. It's only fair, after all. Hail hail.

PS. No EBT's were harmed in the making of this petition. All taxes were paid in full during all seasons in question. No Tore Andre Flo's were signed. No succulent lamb was scoffed. No fine wine quaffed. Moravcik67 has not declared bankruptcy.

PPS You're deid. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Have a nice afterlife.

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