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pressoffice @O2 #bemoredog o2 sponsor Romania film festival. See #Romaniastopanimalabuse

O2’s Double Standards. Using a dog advert but failing to support animal rights. #bemoredog   Romania is a country in the European Union that that’s policies that encourages animal cruelty. It follows that anyone trading with Romania while they are aware of the barbaric animal abuse and slaughter. Is not someone who you should support. It is all about money for O2.   This includes the Romanian Film Festival 2013 sponsored by British company O2. This demonstrates that O2 supports the film festival run by a country with a higher than average animal cruelty rate.      O2 have reviewed all the legitimate evidence based photographic evidence and documentaries  of dogs being slaughtered under extremely cruel circumstances. This has included :-   1. O2 have seen the videos of Death camp for Dogs  - the notorious public hell shelters. Romanian government claim money for these dogs, but steal the money for themselves.   2. Sadly the dogs are starved to death,  and O2 certainly are aware that that dogs are driven to kill each other as they are so hungry.   3. Corrupt vets sign forms saying they put dogs to sleep humanely and that they spay and neutered.  This is known to be false.    4.The dogs have all kinds of injuries through neglect.    Despite knowing the level of cruelty being meted out on Romanian stray dogs, O2 have no regrets about sponsoring a film festival run  by a country where the spotlight has fallen. European wide protests supported by the US and numerous animal rights organisations have heavily criticized Romania’s cruelty record.    It is for this reason, trade between Romania and the UK should not be occurring. In engaging in trade, companies like O2 are in support of the unethical 14 day cull law, the high corruption and cruelty record. This is certainly what is inferred by those observing the conduct of O2 objectively.    It is clear that O2 does not care about animal abuse. Even worse, they are exploiting animals with their media campaign. While they support Romanian policies by sponsoring festivals, it is clear they are happy to ignore evil animal abuse.    Their support for a country that kills and tortures animals is misguided and sends the wrong signal.  O2 should support  A Romanian rescue.   There are lots  saving dogs from  #Romaniastopanimalabuse  evil barbaric  slaughter with torture , I intend to open one when it is possible for me to do so.  Please sign this petition because    1. O2 should meet me.  And tell me why they believe animal abuse in Romania is not a problem for them.    2.  Please boycott O2 now, and do not renew a contract with them when your finishes.    3. O2 should outline why they are not supporting the rescue effort.   
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