Indian Media Hate Propoganda and Fake news to defame a Muslim Community.

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The Fake propoganda and defamation of Tablighi Jamaat over a Covid-19 issue. The lockdown in India took place on 23 March, 2020 and Jamaat event was on 13 March, 2020. Indian Media misleaded the nation and harrased entire Muslim community for more than a week under the lockdown.

They have created the fake hate stories and presented tablighi jamaat as a criminal group and they have not covered the story as per the actual facts and figures.

I would like to file a petition on the Indian news channels including Aaj tak, Zee news, Republic news, India news, Times now, ANI news, News Nation.

This news channels created of fake stories without any evidence and broadcasted them on national news channels to run a hate propaganda and damage and destroy the peace of the nation in this hard time of international calamity of Corona virus.