Select the Presidio Exchange for the former Commissary site at Crissy Field

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Select the Presidio Exchange for the former Commissary site at Crissy Field

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The Presidio Trust, the agency that manages the Presidio, is looking to place a cultural institution at the former Commissary site (currently home to Sports Basement, which plans to relocate elsewhere in the Presidio).

There are three finalists that will submit full proposals to the Trust by September 16:

* The Bridge/Sustainability Institute, proposed by WRNS Studio/CHORA Group
* The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, proposed by George Lucas
* The Presidio Exchange (PX), proposed by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

The future use of this world-class location by the Golden Gate will define the next era of "park making" for the Presidio. It is vital that the Board select a cultural institution that stands for the Presidio's fundamental values, and authentically speaks to Crissy Field's landscape and legacy.

The PX realizes that vision. It is a program hub, hosting a constantly changing mix of park-based cultural programs--ranging from art exhibitions to dance performances, tech expos to concerts, cooking classes to hackathons. It is a portal to the Presidio, connecting visitors to the park and its themes through cutting-edge interpretive displays and new green spaces. And it is a public gathering space, serving as Crissy Field's open and welcoming "living room."

For a video exploring the inspirations behind the PX:

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This petition had 1,080 supporters

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