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Stop the PR Stunt Selling Foie Gras on Federal Land Following Statewide Ban

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7/20/12 UPDATE: According to a recent report on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Inside Scoop, the Presidio Social Club has officially pulled foie gras from its menu and promotions. The kicker here is that chef-owner Ray Tang is vague when describing the extent to which the restaurant will follow the statewide ban. His suggestive statements leave the door open for interpretation and the possibility that he may continue to serve the dish to guests upon request.

Following the recent statewide ban of Foie Gras in California, the Presidio Social Club (PSC) is adding the cruelly produced delicacy to its menu. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the PSC serves American cuisine and has added Foie Gras to its menu at the behest of the restaurant’s owner and chef Ray Tang.

As of July 14, Bastille Day, the PSC has begun serving Foie Gras sliders in a cheap PR stunt to gain the admiration and dollars of Foie Gras enthusiasts. A phone receptionist at the restaurant confirmed that they were fully booked for the inaugural night and plan to keep the item on the menu indefinitely.

How is this possible after a statewide ban? The wrinkle here is that the PSC is located on federal land. In a recent interview the Executive Director of the Presidio Trust, Craig Middleton, stated that he does not want the full attention of animal welfare advocates. Middleton told the San Francisco Chronicle that, “We are concerned that this action is inconsistent with the values that we promote in the Presidio - sustainability, respect for our environment, responsible stewardship. We will engage with the Presidio Social Club on these concerns.”

Sign this petition and tell the Presidio Social Club, restaurant owner and chef Ray Tang and the Presidio’s management that federal land should not be in the business of promoting animal cruelty.

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(Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary)

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