Cancel classes for St. Scholastica, UMD and Lake Superior College

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As many people who live in the Duluth area know, a recent blizzard totally buried all of the streets, cars, houses, and everything else in its path. In fact, the blizzard was so bad that some people have started calling it "Pompeii"- because everything is under feet of snow. The storm passed two days ago, yet hundreds of roads are still yet to be plowed. Many people in Duluth are stuck in their homes because of the snow, and those who have gotten out of the house know that driving and transportation are a complete mess- even on the plowed roads. If there's no snow on the road, there's probably a thick layer of ice in its place. There is no safe and acceptable way to get to classes at UMD, CSS and LSC, especially for those living off-campus. Those living off-campus will either need to miss out on learning because of transportation issues (you can't even WALK in the snow... I've tried multiple times), or they will get hurt trying to get to school. It is simply unjust to hold classes with dangerous and stress-inducing conditions. The safety and well-being of students should be the number one priority of schools. Nearly every single school district and multiple colleges in this area have made it clear that they prioritize safety and convenience; because they have canceled all classes for tomorrow. Again, UMD, LSC and CSS are the ONLY schools in the general area that hasn't canceled classes, and most people can agree that that's not a good look on them. Please sign this petition if you agree that classes should be canceled tomorrow for UMD, CSS and LSC and if you believe that the safety and well-being of their students should be their priority. Thank you.