Remove Mocha Uson from Office and Drew Olivar from any government-related Campaigns

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The wasting of taxpayers' money and lack of professionalism need to stop now. We, the Filipinos, need and deserve better public officials. We have been tolerant for quite some time but this has to end NOW. Drew Olivar doesn't even have a position in the government and yet Uson is involving him in these videos that are supposed to be of utmost importance since these are about important matters of the government. There is a P90M budget for the PCOO to disseminate information regarding Federalism. This budget is there to help every Filipino understand this form of government that the current administration wants to push through and yet this is the kind of "lecture" we get--a poorly composed sexualized chant and a reading of a below par "research" regarding Federalism. Are these the kind of people we want making an impact in our society? People who are supposed to serve the public yet they are cussing other people (one was a Philippine senator no less) on video with the National Flag behind them? Uson has over 5M supporters on her page, but if we can show that there are more who do not support her, then maybe, this is the start of the change that we want for the betterment of our country.

I read a lot of comments on these videos saying, "Can't the government do anything about this?" or "Is this where my taxes go?"  If they can't do anything about it, we can. Here is our chance to make a change. What are you going to do?





Recently, these two made fun of our deaf brothers and sisters. Are we still going to let these two influence other people with their stupidity?