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Yulin is a dog and cat meat-eating eating festival. The traders continue to insist that its culture but that is a lie, this festival only started in 2010.

Warning.. the following information may be distressing 

People are opposing the dog and cat meat festival not because China eats the animals but because they are put through inhumane torture like blow-torching them alive, dragging them from ropes tied to the back of cars along the road, boiling them alive, skinning them alive, beating them and slitting their throats in front of other terrified animals and many more cruelties. Also I think it is incredibly wrong to steal the animals from homes. It is also bad for the people as the dogs are kept in crammed cages, resulting in deadly contagious diseases passed onto humans. The dogs aren't fed or watered the whole time.

I would like to put a stop to this issue with this petition so hopefully by the time Yulin is ready to start in 2017 it won't be able to because of this petition and the heaps of opposition. 

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