Address the Mercer Village Mural Erasure

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Mercer students demand that a concrete plan of action be established to address the erasure of a mural containing historically-significant moments of black culture. Specifically, we ask that:

  • That the original artist, Joerael Numina, be brought back to Macon to pair with 3-5 African American artists to create a permanent public art installation dedicated to racial justice that will be installed downtown
  • That they be paid for their work.

Mural Erasure Facts: 

  1. The mural was not intended to be temporary - neither by the artist, Joerael Numina, nor two of the funding departments (WGS and ART). There was never any discussion between these hosting departments or Joerael Numina that the mural would be temporary. 
  2. The mural, depicting civil rights leaders was erased under the cloak of COVID shelter in place orders, early in the morning Tuesday, April 28th before 8am.
  3. Dr. Bourdon, Chair of the WGS department, emailed Underwood that same day asking for an explanation or a response. To this day, he has never given one.
  4. Under the VARA (Visual Artists Rights Act, 1990) and according to Mr. Numina’s contract with Mercer, he should have been given 90 days notice in any event that the mural would be taken down so as to give him enough time to ‘reclaim’ it in any way he sees fit. To this day, he has not been contacted by President Underwood.
  5. President Underwood has insisted in the news media (his only response) that the mural was always intended to be temporary. But he was not in charge of commissioning or funding the mural.

Painting over this art signifies a deep ignorance regarding the constant silencing of civil rights for black people in the United States. Enough is enough.