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President Vladimir Putin: Stop live-orca captures

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We are urging you to stop the live-capture of 10 Orcas per year to supply to marine parks worldwide. Not only are these captures inhumane but they are also wrong. The practice of capturing wild Orcas is outdated and should become a thing of the past.

Orcas have complex social structures that should not be disrupted by losing a pod member. When one is taken away the balance of their families are severely disturbed and can even cause members to die. The short lifespan of an Orca in captivity is horrifying; on average an Orca can live in the wild anywhere from 60-100 years of age, but in captivity they do not live as long - the average lifespan is a sad 6 years. Many Orcas suffer severe trauma from confinement and die from stress-related issues like stomach ulcers. Orcas in captivity have also been known to grind their teeth on metal bars in pure frustration. Orcas are also more prone to viral diseases leading to death. In short, these animals lives are at stake as it is in the wild, and we are jeopardizing them even further purely for our own entertainment purposes. They are far more intelligent than we give them credit and it’s ridiculous that we are not allowing them the freedom they are truly deserved.

Please reconsider the live-capture of ten Orcas per year in your country. The world is watching and we are not happy about this practice and the impact it will have on our oceans and the Orca pods!


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