Expose Negligent Doctors!!!

Expose Negligent Doctors!!!

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 The petition
 My name is Jimmy Gait, a Kenyan Citizen and a singer/song writer. 

Three years ago, I developed pain & irritation on my throat. This marked the beginning of a frustrating medical journey. Initially, I sought treatment at top hospitals in Kenya, where treatment was ineffective. I then decided to seek ENT specialists who recommended surgery as a remedy to my condition. 
This highly recommended remedy made me extremely anxious, the reason being, my voice is my greatest asset. “Would I be able to sing again?” I asked the ENT specialists, who consistently reassured me that the procedure would not affect my voice. Sadly, I realized these consultations had a trait that raised several red flags.
The diagnosis was arrived at without conducting confirmatory tests, moreover, the consultations became highly transactional. In this effect, the doctors became more concerned with procedure fees, as opposed to my well-being; they were driven by selfish motives, constantly proposing discounted fees on condition that it be performed in their private clinics.
Eventually, I decided to seek a second opinion in India at BLK Hospital, where several tests were conducted. The tests revealed a misdiagnosis from our Kenyan doctors. According to BLK doctors, the symptoms were caused by high acid production in my stomach; alarmingly, if the Kenyan recommendation was anything to go by, my voice would have been permanently altered, marking a tragic end to my singing career, further exposing me to a high-risk for stomach cancer.
Think about it for a moment! I would have lost all I hold dear; my health, my loved ones, my dependants, my career, ministry & calling.
The contrast
I must admit that indeed, we have some great hospitals & health workers that offer great services to Kenyans, despite the myriad of challenges they face. However, there's a significant number who have turned their professions into pure business ventures that exploit 'Wanjiku'.

Kenyans in India
While in India, I met many Kenyans who similarly, had come for treatment where surprisingly, 6 out of 10 of them complained of similar experiences which include, but not limit;
Misdiagnosis & negligence from medical practitioners.
The high cost of treatment.
Lack of 'patient-doctor' trust & expertise  
The Big 4 Agenda (Universal Health Care)

President Uhuru's government is committed to building a healthy nation as expressed in the Universal Health Coverage Agenda. I sincerely applaud him for that. However, availing health infrastructure and equipment is not enough. Health workers' attitude must be anchored on compassion as opposed to exploitation. This must change and must change now! 

The petition

Our petition is a call-to-action for Kenyans of all walks of life, echoing the urgency, demanding a solution, and eliciting a collaborative effort to address these 'titanic health system problems. 

Petition demand
The President to constitute a special task force under the universal health coverage umbrella, to promote civic education on rights of Kenyans in regards to quality  health care.

Taskforce to ensure that patients have unlimited access to their medical records.

Taskforce to ensure Standardisation on healthcare costs across all medical facilities.  

Taskforce to ensure Medical boards takes more steps towards protecting patients from misdiagnosis, negligence & unethical practice.
Take strict steps toward weeding out quacks. 
Moreover, the general public needs to be represented in this regulatory body.

Taskforce to ensure doctors employed in the public sector do not operate private clinics, pharmacies or laboratories.
Let me pose this question:

Is it right for Wanjiku to go through the painful journey of raising money through 'Harambees', loans, selling livestock, selling land, among other means, then end up in the hands of a medical practitioner whose goals are to enrich himself and not alleviate the suffering of Wanjiku? 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!