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My name is Shirleen Mwendwa, 12 years old. For 8 years l have suffered LOW SELF ESTEEM and been to 4 different Schools because of Undiagnosed DYSLEXIA. I was called "Stupid" " Lazy" " Not Motivated" " Slow Learner"

Allow me to state my petition first, before l take you through DYSLEXIA and mylife experience. 

l Shirleen Mwendwa, hereby petition The PRESIDENT UHURU KENYATTA, MEMBERS of PARLIAMENT, MINISTRY of EDUCATION and all Private sectors concern with Kenyan child education on the below:

1. Acknowledge we have DYSLEXIC CHILDREN in Kenya who need special attention and deserve fair education opportunity.

2. Include DYSLEXIA learning aid cirriculum in Teachers training colleges that train them on reading instruction based upon a systematic and explicit understanding of language structure, including phonics eg Structured Literacy, Orton- Gillingham, Simultaneous Multisensory and Explicit Phonic

3. Allocate more HOURS for DYSLEXIA CHILD during EXAMS and allow ORAL COMPREHENSION.

4. Build  SCHOOLS, LIBRARIES and LABS facilities for children with DYSLEXIA with learning Aid

5. Promote TALENT focus learning approach and SUPPORT PRIVATE sectors with focus on children talent nurturing.

My strength where overlooked since l could not perform well academically. My younger brother could read and write well and l could not understand why me! I was the laughing stone at school and l faked lots of illiness in order not to attend school.

Dyslexia is a difficulty involving reading, writting, spelling and slow information processing.

A dyslexic child  does not differentiate letters that have same formation eg b/d,w/m, p/q. They Omit words and substitute others while reading leading to struggle in formation of words, reading and wrong spellings. A dyslexia child cannot finish class work or homework since they take longer to understand.

A child with dyslexia is emotional affected especially if the condition is not know by the people around him like parents, teachers, friends and the society at large. They struggle with low self esteem as people compare them with others. Most dyslexia children drop out of school or commit suicide if the condition is not addressed.

Kenya public schools teachers, where a larger population of the children attend school are not knowledgeable about dyslexia. Thus the reason the child is named " Mjinga" ( Swahili word meaning stupid). This frustrate the child and the parents. A dyslexia Child in Kenya will keep on changing schools as parents think the teacher does not understand the child's need. A dyslexic child will always attain least grade in examinations using Kenya Education system. Kenya system focus more on class work than other abilities.

Even when the child is diagnosed with dyslexia and the teachers are aware, the teachers have no training on how to handle a dyslexic child. Teacher training colleges in Kenya have no curriculum on dyslexia learning coping strategies. Dyslexia has no cure and it's only through individualized learning instructions that a child learns to read.

Research has shown dyslexia has no effect on the intelligence of a child. In fact dyslexic children are more intelligent than the rest of the population. The artist side of their brain is much larger than the right side of brain which help in reading. Reading and writing is difficult to a dyslexic child but they can comprehend oral communications with easy. They are multi talented  individuals and their esteem is restored by focusing on their talent strenghts and not academic performance. Many people with dyslexia have gone on to accomplish great things eg Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles Schwab

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