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save Myanmar’s beautiful beaches from Greed & Destruction

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Myanmar’s most famous tropical beaches at Ngapali are being destroyed by the mass theft of beach sand, the building of hotels directly over the beach and land-grabbing.

Sand mining and construction over the sand has already destroyed hundreds of metres of Ngapali beach, and now, with international tourism booming, it’s accelerating. Both activities are contrary to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism’s 2004 Coastal Beach Directives, but are continued by private businesses with the collusion of local authorities.

The disappearance of beaches has happened in many other places like Greece, Morocco, Vietnam & Bali where greed, ignorance and corruption have overridden the need to provide long-term sustainability for beach environments.  The beauty of Ngapali’s palm-fringed, tropical beaches has been the pride of Myanmar for years, and beach tourism is now becoming a major source of income for the local people.

Please sign this petition to urge Myanmar President U Thein Sein to understand that saving Ngapali’s beaches is a matter of national urgency.  Only President U Thein Sein himself may have the power to stop the destruction of Ngapali & other Myanmar beaches – before it is too late.


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Supported by:

Alliance against Sand Mining at Ngapali and Myanmar Beaches
Max Myanmar Group of Companies
Oliver E Soe Thet, former Advisor for Environment to Myanmar Government for Rakhine Coastal Area (then Prime Minister
Thein Sein)
Dr. Gabriele Fahr-Becker, Art Historian, Author South East Asian Art
Dr Marlar Tun, President, Singapore – Myanmar Exchange ( SME )
MCA – World Chefs Without Borders Myanmar
Laguna Lodge Eco Hotel, Ngapali Beach
Prof. Victor Buga, Los Angeles, California, USA.  (Director of Gawdawpalin Education Program)
Dr. Georgette M. Buga, Los Angeles, California, USA  (retired, chief research scientist)






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