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Help Protect the Endangered Pangolin

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The pangolin, a nocturnal mammal whose scaly body is reminiscent of a reptile, is on the brink of extinction. These mammals are endangered because of illegal poaching and support to bolster their population continues to be a struggle because these animals don’t have the popularity of tigers, rhinos, or elephants. Many don’t know of these animals’ existence and because of this fact, it could lead to their extinction. However, if funding is provided to organizations devoted to protecting pangolin, these animals have a chance to survive.

Just like the tiger and rhino, the pangolin is hunted their medicinal body parts. The pangolins are boiled alive for their scales, and the blood is believed to be a healing tonic. What is surprising is that pangolin scales are made from the same materials as our fingernails, but they’re claimed to help with lactation issues and other ailments. It’s believed that these animals are the most trafficked animal in the world, right alongside the elephant. Unfortunately because they are considered a low priority in Vietnam, aid to increase their numbers are lacking.

Despite an international trade ban on the pangolin, these animals are still highly prized. Finding their scales or blood on the market is easy, and buyers will pay a high price for these animals. What is needed is stricter law enforcement to patrol both the regular and black markets. There needs to be a harsher crack down on smugglers and stricter punishments. However this can’t happen without additional funding towards organizations committed to saving the pangolin.

The pangolin is needed to balance the ant and termite population. While the species may not be as attractive as the tiger or elephant, their presence is still needed on our planet.

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