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Stop the execution of Corey Johnson

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President Trump: Please exercise your constitutional authority to stop the execution of Corey Johnson, a person with intellectual disability

The Department of Justice has scheduled the execution of Corey Johnson for January 14, 2021, despite the fact that nationally renowned experts in intellectual disability, each with over 40 years of expertise in the field, have concluded, after exhaustive examinations, that there is overwhelming evidence that Johnson has intellectual disability.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled unequivocally that it is unconstitutional to execute a person with intellectual disability.*

In accordance with the Constitution, Corey Johnson’s execution should be halted, and his death sentence should be commuted.

Johnson remained in the second grade for three years, and he also repeated third and fourth grades. When he was 13 years old, he could barely write his own name. He could not tell time and could not do arithmetic beyond a third-grade level.

Age 16, Corey Johnson's IQ score was just 69. One clinical psychologist who examined him as a teenager said of Corey Johnson that his "deficit in phonological processing remains the most profound impairment of this type I have encountered in three decades of clinical practice." He considered Corey's deficit so profound that he used it as a teaching example in his classes for decades.

By age 18, a high school teacher concluded that Johnson could never pass the competency exams required to graduate, but he aged out of his residential facility with no structure or support, and little chance of succeeding in life. One of the intellectual disability experts who evaluated Corey Johnson found that, "He was illiterate, he couldn't pay bills, he couldn't manage money…he couldn't prepare food. And he didn't have a sense of how all these responsibilities go together in independent living."

A mountain of evidence shows that Corey Johnson has had significant impairments in everyday functioning throughout his life, beginning when he was a child.

It is now abundantly clear that Johnson has intellectual disability and should not be executed. Please act now to stop this execution.

*See information about Atkins v. Virginia

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