Stop President Trump from letting religious adoption agencies turn away lgbtq+families

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President Trump wants to make it harder than it already is for LGBTQ+ families to adopt children. He wants to allow adoption agencies to turn them away  with the excuse of religious freedom. Of course he is trying to pass this while we are all focused on the ever important issue of police brutality on Black people. I urge you to continue putting as much energy as you possibly can towards changing our racist system and in the meantime make sure they aren’t trying to take other rights away right underneath our noses. Not only is this discrimination towards members of our community, it’s worsening an issue that exists within the foster/adoption system. There are far too many children on this planet with no place to call home, no family to call theirs. To deny these children homes and families because of an agency’s personal religious preferences is unjust and just plain selfish. I’m creating this petition to not only stop the pain this could potentially cause for homeless children, but for my community. It is already hard enough for us to create families. We do not need it to be harder. Together we can turn this around and take back our power.