Repeal Plan 2014

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We demand the immediate repeal of Plan 2014, to be replaced by Plan 1958d. In addition, we must replace the Board and Committees responsible for managing the water levels on Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River.

For 2 of the 3 years since Plan 2014 was implemented, there has been catastrophic widespread floods, resulting in significant negative impacts to the properties and communities surrounding Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River.
The Plan was implemented in an effort to benefit power generation, commercial shipping, and the environment, with minimal impact to NYS businesses, tourism, recreational boating, and shoreline properties. In reality, historic levels of flooding has occurred, with irreversable environmental damage, lost homes, lost businesses, eroded properties, damage to tourism, a nearly nonexistent recreational boating season, and a widespread overall negative economic impact.

The International Lake Ontario - St Lawrence River Control Board, which manages water levels utilizing Plan 2014, has failed to acknowledge any correlation between the implementation of Plan 2014, and the widespread destruction that has followed, and this is unacceptable. The International Joint Commission (IJC) is also failing to provide proper oversight of the River Control Board, in which transparency and credibility is a significant issue. Taxpayer concerns/feedback is regularly deleted from the social media sites for the IJC/Board, in what is believed to be a "fake news" effort to control the feedback/messaging regarding the failures of Plan 2014.

Things must change immediately. Plan 2014 is not working. We must return to Plan 1958d, effective immediately, and we need to replace those unable to properly do their jobs in managing the water levels of Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River.