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This petition is being introduced in an effort to secure the immediate release of John Caylor who has been incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons since 2002. 

John, a native Floridian, is a loving father, a devoted brother, and, above all, an invaluable part of a family that loves, misses, and needs him home.  John has made mistakes in his life, which led him to where he Is today.  He was arrested, along with eight others for Conspiracy to Manufacture and Distribute 500mg or more of Methamphetamine.  At the time, he refused to cooperate with law enforcement in a misguided attempt at loyalty to those he believed to be his friends.  Those "friends" however, had no such sense of loyalty, and they received lighter sentences for their testimony against John.  One man's sentence was lowered from 27 to 13 years.  He was released in 2013.  Another's sentence was reduced from life to 20 years.  He is scheduled for release in 2019. Conversely, John is serving  out a Life sentence.  John's crime was no more severe than the others.  

One of the main reasons for seeking clemency in John's case is his 19 year old son, Jonathan, who was born with spina bifada.  Jonathan suffers from End Stage Renal Disease, which requires he undergo dialysis treatments 3 days each week.  His kidney failure is caused by his bladder not functioning properly, but before he will be eligible for a kidney transplant his bladder problem has to be corrected.  After a kidney transplant, Jonathan's prognosis gives him about 20 more years to live; without it, that time could  be drastically reduced. 

More than anything, this young man wants to have his father in his life, for whatever life he has left.  John Caylor made his mistakes and he has spent over 15 years paying for these mistakes.  John deserves the chance to be a positive influence in his son's life and Jonathan deserves to have his father in his life, not just a prison visit.  Please sign this petition so they both can have these opportunities denied them for the past decade and a half.

  My name is Vileta!  I am John's sister and Jonathan lives with me and my husband.  We love Jonathan and do our best to see his emotional and medical needs are met but, it is difficult.  We are in our 50's and both work full-time.  Jonathan doesn't see his mom often and she doesn't participate in any of his care.  John has watched his child suffer and he lives every day knowing what his mistakes have cost him and his only child.  Jonathan has suffered enough.  Jonathan didn't just loose his dad, he has no mother figure.  This child should not have to suffer needlessly!!

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