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In August, 2001, my brother, John Caylor, along with eight others was indicted on federal drug charges for Conspiracy To Manufacture And Distribute 500 Grams Or More Of Methamphetamine.  John's role in the crime consisted of purchasing pills and batteries for a period of two months.  At the time of his arrest, John was given the opportunity to cooperate with the government by providing information on his co-defendants.  Foolishly, John refused to use his "friends" as a means of helping himself.  He expected his "friends to have the same sense of loyalty.  Unfortunately, they did not.

During his trial, John listened as each of his co-defendants testified against him in order to receive sentence reductions for themselves.  As we feared, John was found guilty. The prosecutor who handled John's case chose to use John's criminal history of two marijuana convictions to enhance his sentence to a term of life imprisonment.  John's marijuana convictions which consisted of one pound of marijuana and a single plant had occurred ten years earlier.

Receiving a life sentence meant that John would have to spend many years in maximum security penitentiaries.  John spent 15 years in the most violent institutions in this country while his co-defendants served their sentences in medium security or low level facilities.  When John is transported, he is not only handcuffed, but he is black boxed as well.  Due to his sentence, he is treated the same as a mass murderer or terrorist.  Not one of John's co-defendants have had to endure the hardships that an inmate serving a life sentence endures.  In 2016, John was finally allowed to be housed in a medium security facility.

Today, all of John's co-defendants have returned home to their families while John lives in a 9x6 cell with two other inmates.  His only child, Jonathan suffers from End Stage Renal Failure due to complications of spina bifida.  Jonathan requires dialysis treatments three times each week.  The average life expectancy of a dialysis patient is five years. Jonathan has been receiving treatments since December, 2015.  Jonathan and I have always visited John regularly.  Jonathan loves and needs his dad the same as any child would.  However, given the severity of his health, the need is much more urgent.

In 2017, John was denied clemency by former President Obama.  The Assistant U.S. Attorney in Pensacola recommended that John receive clemency.  Apparently, that recommendation did not make a difference.  In March, 2018 John wrote to his sentencing judge asking for help in getting his sentence reduced.  He received a letter from the judge explaining that he did not understand the reason as to why John did not receive clemency as he was an appropriate candidate. 

Today, we are hoping that President Trump will take a look at the applicants who were left behind by Mr. Obama.  I am asking you to sign this petition in order to show that your support in bringing John home to his son and family.

Thanks so much,

Vileta Martin

























































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