Keep TikTok from being deleted

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Tiktok is being banned in the USA. However, not without a fight. TikTok is a place where people can have fun, express themselves through numerous formats of content, and build diverse communities filled with supportive people. People can even make a living through video production/creation on Tiktok.

Removing Tiktok will likely silence and suppress the new found voices of many youths and others, which can be viewed as oppressive. 

As a creator on Tiktok, I would lose more than just an app. I would lose many opportunities, a community of great friends and loving supporters, and even my job as a content creator (which is a job I have always dreamed of).

TikTok is an app where ANYONE can find their people. Teachers, chemists, equestrians, musicians, cooks, parents, and even the average Joe have and will find a community on TikTok; This is incomparable to any other social media app. 

With the privacy concerns of Tiktok, it can be understood that Tiktok may seem like a threat. On the contrary, people post knowing they have the possibility of worldwide exposure and that their content could be seen by millions of people around the world. 

Do not let Tiktok be deleted.