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Keep Hair, Toenails, and Feces Out of Pork

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President Trump and his Department of Agriculture are cooking up a plan to increase corporate profits through the newly proposed Modernization of Swine Slaughter Inspection (MSSI) rule. If implemented, MSSI would prevent food inspectors from adequately keeping feces, toenails, and hair out of your pork!

Under MSSI, inspectors would be required to monitor 83 pounds of pork per second and 1,300 hogs per hour.

“On numerous occasions I witnessed [company inspectors] fail to spot abscesses, lesions, fecal matter, and other defects that would render an animal unsafe or unwholesome.” – Anonymous Inspector

Corporations get rich. What’s in it for you?

  • Consumers get compromised food safety
  • Workers get subjected to harsh conditions and impossible quotas
  • Animals get slaughtered at inhumane speeds

Meat inspectors agree: high-speed hog plants are dangerous.

“It’s no longer meaningful for consumers to see that mark indicating that their product has been USDA inspected…” – Meat Inspector

The industry’s only concern is moving hogs down the line – meat inspector concerns don’t matter much. With less government oversight, consumers are left eating subpar pork sold at market prices.

The jobs that highly trained inspectors once did are now handed over to untrained workers at pork plants. The workers don’t have the power to question their supervisors. Workers who try to stop sick pigs from getting into the food supply risk being fired.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to preserve the integrity of our nation’s food system; assist overworked inspectors and line workers; and ensure pigs are treated humanely.

Together we can prevent MSSI!

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