FREE James Romans - Please Grant Clemency

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In February of 2013 my brother James Romans Inmate 10195028 was sentenced to LIFE for conspiracy to distribute Marijuana. The case # is CAUSE NO. 4:11-CR-127.6. In 2017 James was able to reduce his sentence to 30 years.

Letter to President Trump from James Romans:

I write you today Mr. President because I have a Sentence Commutation (Clemency Petition) that has been pending since July 2019. I seek a Sentence Commutation because I am no longer a threat to public safety or to anyone for that matter. My incarceration has given me the opportunity to learn how valuable freedom and life really is. There is an appreciation that I cannot explain in words. I was arrested for a non-violent marijuana conspiracy and sentenced to LIFE in Federal Prison. In 2017 Amendment 782 to the Sentencing Guidelines reduced my sentence to 30 years. There are no excuses for the irrational and irresponsible decisions that I made to involve myself in this conspiracy, and I accept full responsibility for those choices. Prison has given me the opportunity to realize that all paths in life, for the good or bad, begin with one small step. When we choose the path we choose the destination that comes with that choice. I set out on the wrong path, which led me to prison with a LIFE sentence. Since my Incarceration I have changed my steps and with it my direction for the future. I have a new found respect for not only the rule of law, but most of all my family. Getting a LIFE sentence hurt me deeply, but that hurt could not compare to the pain I have felt and still feel daily in letting my Parents, my only Sister, two Daughters and Son down. I live with this pain daily and would do anything to take it back but I know I cannot do that. All I can do is look at the present and going forward from here and do everything I can to be the Father, Son, Brother, Friend and Citizen to my community that they all deserve. I want to be the Hero that my kids deserve in a Father. I want to be the Son that his Parents are proud of. I want to be the Citizen that community members can come to when they need help. During my imprisonment I have taken the time to better myself. I completed a VT Microsoft, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet and Excel M-T of 267 hours of class training. I also completed an intensive 18-month residential, Faith Based Life Connections Program, 30 certificate programs, and seminars. Once transferred to FMC Lexington, I enrolled and just recently completed the 2000+ hour Dental Assistant Apprenticeship that I an now Certified with the United States Board of Labor. My supervisor of this apprenticeship wrote, "He is dependable and is a very hard worker. Inmate Romans is always eager to learn new material and takes initiative to increase the dental clinics productivity and improve daily functions. He has been an asset to the apprenticeship." I have a excellent disciplinary record that along with my rehabilitative efforts indicate that I value life, liberty and my freedom. If given your mercy President Trump I can and will be this person listed above. I am committed to never again making lapse in judgment that could separate me from the people I love the most. My parents have been married for over 53 years and are both in there 70's and I want them to spend the rest of their days here on earth being proud of their son and enjoying each others company. They deserve better than having a son in Federal Prison when they leave this world. If given Clemency President Trump, I will not fail you, my family, or myself. I have a strong support system that is ready to greet me with open arms and do whatever it takes for me to succeed. My prayer every night is that this will be the last prayer I have to say while in Federal Prison. I want to show everyone that I am not the man I used to be. Thank you for your time President Trump and God Bless you.



A White House petition has also been started for sentence reform, specifically James Romans: