Build Gateway Now

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I am writing to ask for your help in ensuring that the Gateway Program gets built without further delay. 

Each day hundreds of thousands of Amtrak and NJ Transit passengers travel across a century-old Federally owned rail bridge and through a 108-year-old, one-track-in, one-track-out tunnel beneath the Hudson River. The bridge and the tunnels are in big trouble. In addition to its age, the tunnel was flooded during Superstorm Sandy, causing long-term damage. The tunnel is already beginning to fail, as seen by frequent signal problems or the recent incident when pieces of metal that were meant to hold Amtrak wires came dislodged inside the tunnel, striking NJ Transit trains and suspending train traffic in and out of Penn Station New York for hours.

These failures will only increase with time, harming riders up and down the Eastern Seaboard who depend on these trains, gridlocking the highways as passengers switch to cars and buses, and overwhelming our airports as travelers between New York, Washington and Boston switch to planes. These disruptions threaten the economy of entire Northeast and have ripple effects across the nation. Every year we delay adds hundreds of millions of dollars to the cost of the project. Gateway is ready to go now, and the Federal Government, New York, New Jersey and Amtrak must work together without delay to fund and build the project.

Building Gateway will create a safe, reliable, modern connection across the Hudson River, making transit a more attractive option for more riders, decongesting our region’s highways for those who need to drive, including trucks moving freight up and down the eastern seaboard. These improvements would also benefit Amtrak passengers in the Northeast Corridor as well, providing more reliability and potentially additional service.

Building Gateway will create hundreds of thousands of good construction jobs now, and help unlock more economic potential when it is complete.

Gateway is ready to go. The regulatory reviews have been completed.  The designs are in place.  There is early construction work already moving, paid for by local funds.

Governor Cuomo in New York, Governor Murphy in New Jersey, along with NJ Transit and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, have committed to $5.5 billion in local money to construct a new Hudson Tunnel, 100% of the local share. And Governor Murphy recently stepped up with the $600 million in local matching funds needed for Portal North Bridge, a critical part of Gateway.

Now all of the partners who are responsible for ensuring safe, reliable transportation and keeping economic activity flowing must do their part to make it a reality. 

I am asking for your help to get Gateway funded and built. We cannot afford to wait.