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Bring Adam Home

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My name is Caroline Grant. I am an American, born and raised. My parents met during the WWII. My father was in the US Army and my mother in the British Air Force. When I was 13, my mother moved us to England, where I eventually married and had my wonderful son, Adam. The marriage was abusive, and I returned to the U.S. with Adam when he was 3. I immediately inquired with Immigration to be sure Adam had U.S. citizenship. Immigration officials assured me that since I was a U.S. citizen, Adam was already a U.S. citizen. It was such a relief to know we could start a new life back in the U.S., protecting him from his troubled father.


Decades later, Adam learned that his father was sick and wanted to see him. Adam applied for a passport, and was told he is not a U.S. citizen.

Anyone who has navigated the U.S. immigration system knows it is a maze of confusion and dead ends. It’s even worse when you can’t afford a lawyer. We were directed to different departments and asked to fill out form after form, each costing more than the last. All but one denied. Our financial resources were drained on stacks of paper, and we were unable to sort out the situation in time. Adam was told by 2 immigration officers in Cleveland that because of the urgency of the trip he could apply and fly on a UK Passport to see his father, and in May 2015, when he tried to return home afterwards, Adam was informed that his return visa had been revoked. My son, who has been an American his whole life, was not being allowed to return to the U.S.

We are told it will be another 5 years at least  before he can come home, due to a backlog of visas awaiting approval yet children of permanent residents only have a year to wait. Please urge the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to help grant Adam a quick return to the U.S., to his home.

I am a breast cancer survivor. I live on a small disability, and Adam has helped me with bills since my diagnosis. I truly believe I am still alive because of his care. He has worked and paid taxes, SS etc. since age 12. He even worked for Fema. Background check after background check and never once was his citizenship questioned.

Adam has lived in the U.S. as a citizen since age 3. He has a Social Security card, driver's license and is e-verified to work here. This is unfair, and Immigration is unresponsive to all my attempts to sort it out. They say I never filed but I know I did and unfortunately the only witness to this was my mother who has since passed.. I was petrified Adam's father would come snatch him back and so I wanted to ensure that could never happen.  I only wish I could afford a lawyer to bring him back home. He has a brother and sister here who miss him terribly. He has me. He has a whole life that is slowly fading as he sits over there in limbo guilty only of having compassion for a man who didn't deserve him.

I have contacted all my state and federal representatives. I have filed every possible form with Immigration. We need help to get our son and brother back. Please join us in urging the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to help bring Adam back to his home, back to the U.S.

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