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Petitioning President of Romania Traian Basecu

President Traian Basescu of Romania: Stop the mass slaughter of stray dogs in Romania

There are currently hundreds of Romanians murdering stray Dogs in the streets of Craiova , Nasaud and Bucharest and it needs to stop NOW !!! There are many many Animal Welfare Organisations and members of the general public Globally willing and able to adopt/rescue these Dogs yet the Romanian Government have so far refused to allow anyone to help . Instead Romanian citizens are trawling the streets in their hundreds beating the Dogs with sticks , rocks , bricks and anything else at hand and leaving them bloodied and dying in pain !!!!!

Letter to
President of Romania Traian Basecu
Sir . Whilst we appreciate that a 4 year old child was mauled by a Dog and consequently died a few days ago , the child had wandered off whilst apparently in the care of his Grandmother and into a yard where he came into contact with a Guard Dog . The Dog was merely doing his job . If anyone is at fault here it is the Grandmother for not taking proper care of the boy . Murdering all the strays in Romania will not bring the boy back and will not solve Romania's problem . We implore you to allow the Animal Welfare Organisations and adopters to help !!!!

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