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President Stuart Rabinowitz and Hofstra University: It's Time to Increase Student Safety

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The recent death of Hofstra University student Andrea Rebello as a result of a home invasion at her off-campus house was preventable. While her death is perhaps the most tragic incident to date, acts of violence have been commonplace for students living off-campus for years. The neighborhood surrounding Hofstra is dangerous. Between their youth and their wealth, students will unfortunately continue to make easy targets until the school does something to protect them.

It is up to President Stuart Rabinowitz and other school officials to take this matter seriously and make some significant changes to ensure the safety of their students.

Therefore, on behalf of all current students and alumni of Hofstra University, and all of their families and friends, we petition President Stuart Rabinowitz (and any/all other campus officials in power) to consider the execution of a combination of the following suggestions to increase safety of its students:

1) Develop and implement an off-campus registry for local landlords renting to students in order to ensure safe and legal housing for those who choose to live in the neighborhood surrounding the school.

2) Assist students residing off-campus through a full time office designed to meet the needs of students residing off-campus locally, advocating for them and aiding them as necessary.

3) Increase security in areas neighboring the campus, commissioning public safety officials to patrol areas surrounding the school at all times – particularly at night.

4) To fulfill the desire and need for students in Greek life (and similar organizations) to reside together in groups outside of the dorms in a safe manner, ultimately create an on-campus (or near-campus) sanctioned "Greek Row" style housing area for members of the Greek community as well as athletes/sports teams and other groups, as seen in so many other public and private schools of all sizes.

No student should be in such a great amount of danger so close to their campus. It is time we come together to make a change, and it starts with President Rabinowitz. Please join us.


Alex Strum
Undergraduate Alumnus, 2006
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Member
2005 Homecoming King

Cassie Goldberg
Undergraduate Alumnus, 2007
Alpha Phi Sorority Member
2006 Homecoming Queen


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