UMich: Respond to GEO's Strike Demands for A Safe and Just COVID Response

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High school students: The Graduate Employees’ Organization (graduate students' workers union, or GEO) at the University of Michigan has been ON STRIKE FOR US since September 8th, bringing UMich to a halt as long as it keeps putting workers and community members in danger. The University has been irresponsible and dishonest in its COVID-19 response, and without action, the entire Washtenaw County community is about to pay the price. The University has also been tightening its ties to ICE and the Ann Arbor Police Department, threatening the safety of students and community members of color. Instead of listening to GEO’s basic safety and anti-policing demands, UMich has threatened to retaliate against the strikers. 

GEO knows that if UMich doesn't act, COVID-19 will spread fast. It will impact low-income and nonwhite community members first and worst. As high schoolers, it will also rob us of everything we wanted out of this school year by pushing case numbers up and our chances of a safe reopening out the window.

GEO members are taking a huge risk by striking, and they're doing it for us: Washtenaw County residents impacted by the University's inaction. These brave graduate student workers were joined on strike last week by Residential Advisers, Dining Staff, and other UMich employees who see the danger of the University’s reckless reopening, and are gaining support from faculty (who UMich has tried to silence), lecturers, student government, and more. They have our backs, so let's have theirs. 

As prospective applicants and community stakeholders, our voices matter to UMich leadership. Sign to send a message to the University President and Regents telling them that high schoolers support the demands of employees on strike for safety and justice - and we are paying attention. 

Feel free to sign anonymously if it makes you more comfortable!