Transgender/Non-Binary McDaniel College ID Name Change

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            As an openly identifying transgender male, having my “dead” name or my birth name written on my school ID is degrading. It is painful and dehumanizing to have to spend time to explain why my ID says something different than what I just introduced myself as. It is a mental challenge to look at the ID and see my “dead” name, or a clear reminder of someone I am not. Since the college’s ID card is not a government issued form of identification, I strongly believe that students who identify with a different name for various gender reasons should have the ability to display their preferred name. Whether this comes in terms of the full first name being altered or even simply displaying the first and middle name initials (which is not the ideal outcome but a step in the desired direction) it should be applied.

            Some may argue why one does not legally change their state name and this issue will not have to be dealt with. When it comes to legally changing one’s name, it is an expensive and time-consuming ordeal that many (including myself) cannot afford to go through with at the moment. College students generally do not have the funds to go forth with a legal name change, which can potentially cost up to approximately one thousand or so dollars.

            By signing this petition you are signing on to a movement in the LGBTQ+ community. This is one small step in the movement. This is one small step to help better the lives of transgender/non-binary students.

            Please take a few moments to sign this petition to help us make a change in the McDaniel College community.

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