Ouster & Thorough Investigation of PhilHealth Interim President, Celestina de la Serna.

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Protect the fund from incompetent hands! 

Save PhilHealth from collapsing!!

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I am a stakeholder & member of the Philippines' sole Social Health Insurance provider, and a patriot. That said, it is incumbent upon me, you and all of us to make government workers accountable to those they serve.

Even without an appointment, in her more than 1 year stint as PhilHealth Interim President, not an OIC, she has earned the ire of PHIC personnel accross all Levels, and earned her place as probably the most defiled boss in PhilHealth's 23 year existence - an epitome of mockery to Public Service. 

Her glaring infractions:

> Failure to tap bleeders of the fund leading to a whopping 8.9 Billion net loss in 2017; while she afforded herself at least 600K in travel/hotel expenses, DISALLOWED allowances and earning per diems while on sick leave.

> 53% performance rating in the GCG commitment for 2017.

> Arbitrary rigodons causing massive confusion, inefficiencies in services delivery, discord and discontent.

> Arbitrary/whimsical termination of 17 casual employees at the Head Office, NCR and PRO 1 to strike fear. Among of whom is a single mother who has served the Corp. for 19 years.

> Arbitrary/irrational pre-termination of Casual Appointments' from 1 year in 2017 to 3 months in 2018 causing massive but muted demoralization; unprecedented number of resignation of both permanent and temporary employees. Contrary to a Memorandum issued in October 2017, and recommendations of immediate supervisors. Worse kind of "ENDO" since casuals are supposed to be holding plantilla positions'.

> Imposing preventive suspensions without due cause or factual basis.

> No clear direction for sustainability of Funds.

> Rolling out policies without completed staff work.

> Commission of illegal exaction and grave coercion against employees.

> Causing the exodus / mass resignation of well-trained and highly technical employees.

> Cultivation of intrigue, division, squabbles, resentment, animosity and distrust.

> Awesome and mindboggling display of incompetence, ignorance and arrogance.

> Complete disregard and violation of the employees constitutional right to due process and right to form and join associations.

> Grave and unprofessional (cussing and obnoxious fb posts) conduct of a public servant, especially for one holding a top position.

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