Stop making dog meat as a food

Stop making dog meat as a food

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Emily Joy Olumbondok started this petition to President Rodrigo Duterte and

Petition for Eating Dog Meat No More

  • President Rodrigo Duterte
  • Leni Robredo
  • Vicente Sotto III

          Dog meat is not only eaten in China, but also in other countries such as Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Philippine dog meat trade is primarily centered in the city of Baguio, in the northern Luzon Island province of Benguet. Historically, it was associated with celebratory events and rituals of mourning and only affected a small number of dogs. However, over the past 25 years, the dog meat trade has rapidly increased for commercial rather than cultural reasons. Investigators have documented the existence of at least 25 dog meat restaurants and four slaughterhouses in Baguio, seven dog meat traders in Laguna and Batangas, and two slaughterhouses in Pangasinan. Unfortunately, there are many more underground entities involved in the industry throughout the Northern provinces.

Estimated that over Half a million dogs are slaughtered annually in the Philippines.

The HSI has estimated that some 30 million dogs are killed each year for human consumption with the trade more prevalent in these countries as well as in thePhilippines, Thailand, Lao PDR and Cambodia.

  •  It can be a cause of death, Many dogs have contact with rodents and dirt which can cause them to ingest the larvae of the Trichinosis parasite, it can be a cause of painful death.
  • The owner might experinece anxiety and trauma.
  • We might get diseases that can harm the whole population of the world.

          I choose environmental ethics, We should be aware of our environment, its beaty that naturally existing. We should preserve it and not destroy it. We should give importance to the Animal rights also bcause they are part of our envirnment.

  • Slaughtering dog meats should ban in the world.
  • Let's give importance to animal rights
  • We should make a step on how to stop the organizations that are still selling dog meats.

          To Solve this problem, we are asking for your help to sign this petition in order to stop this cruelty. Our first step is to make sure that higher officials will notice this petition. Second is to have a go signal instructed by them. Third is to shut down those organizations that are still active. Lastly, is to put in jail those person who did the crime.

         We would like to thank those people eho will support this petition. We promise to do our beast to stop this cruelty. Once again, let's make a sound for those voiceless people wo would like to support this.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!