Stop Rep. Crisologo's Plan to Build Sports Coliseum in Quezon Memorial Circle

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Dear President Rodrigo Duterte,

As a resident of Quezon City, we DO NOT want to see the Quezon Memorial Circle reduced to a huge sports coliseum that would DESECRATE the remains of President Manuel Quezon and DESTROY the trees and natural parks of our beloved circle. We want to keep the circle as it is - a place to walk, play, bike, and rest with our loved ones - and retain ONE OF THE LAST LUNGS of Quezon City. 

Please STOP the proposal of QC Cong. Vincent Crisologo to BUILD A SPORTS COLISEUM that would ruin our circle. With its huge structure, the parking spaces and facilities it would require, this is a STUPID PLAN that has no respect for NATURE and the HISTORY and HERITAGE of Quezon City. 


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